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The Nature of Cities Festival

Dear friends,

    We´re happy to announce our participation in the coming The Nature of Cities (TNOC) Festival. Guilherme Castagna (Fluxus founding partner) will join Brazilian Nature based Solutions (NbS) experts Sophia Picarelli (ICLEI Sth America), Juliana Ribeiro (Fundação Boticário), and Cecilia Herzog (PUC-RJ) over a 40-min session on Designing and Implementing Nature based Solutions in Brazil on the 24th, 17:40 (GMT), 14:40 (Brasilia time).

    TNOC is a virtual festival that spans 5 days with programming across all regional time zones and provided in multiple languages. TNOC Festival offers us the ability to truly connect local place and ideas on a global scale for a much broader perspective and participation than any one physical meeting in any one city could ever have achieved. The TNOC festival will take place from 22-26 February 2021. Learn more about the festival at:

    The good news! Though English will indeed be the common language of the festival—the “official” language — TNOC Festival facilitates and encourages crowdsourced sessions in various major languages. Sessions will have caption on 20 languages provided live!

Join us!


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