Open Talk, Integrated Water Management in Intentional Communities

We are learning every day that water is the fundamental basis for life, but how we design our water infrastructure in ways that nurture and nourishes our landscapes, our lives and the lives yet to come is increasingly a critical question.

The visioning of how individual housing solutions can be integrated into a larger community framework is one that is also key and increasing relevant.
How we can envision entire communities being designed around water as the fundamental starting point of their sustainable design is one that we are all concerned with.

This coming Sunday we will have the presence of Brazilian permaculture designer and civil engineer Guilherme Castagna, to share his years of experience designing integrated water solutions for both traditional and intentional communities, social housing, and commercial projects.

Guilherme is here in Alentejo supporting Retumbana Velha to bring about a regenerative approach to its community with rainwater harvesting as a key responsibility. The focus on a complete water cycle includes fruit tree irrigation with greywater, low-cost blackwater filtration using low cost vermifilters, creating reed-beds for water purification, biomass production and microclimate conditioning, alongside other interesting strategies.
Please join us and add into this conversation this coming Sunday!

Day: 12/13/2020
Time: 11:00 am (Lisbon time)
Location: Land of Flowers School, in Relíquias, Odemira – Portugal.


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